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About The Company

We want to be part of Bank Negara's initiative to push the nation towards a cashless society.

FlashCash is a mobile wallet and e-payment platform developed and marketed by FlashCash Sdn Bhd that enables easy digital transactions to be made through an easy-to-use platform.

What We Do

As part of our aspiration to be the best mobile wallet in Malaysia,
we seek to simplify and humanise the way you make payments.

FlashCash provides the best solution for Merchants to receive cashless payments from their Customers.

Easy and secure User-to-User transfers between FlashCash Users and their family or friends.

And easy-to-use Mobile Wallet which includes Cash In and Cash Out features to enable instant access to cash via User's mobile devices.

Real-time promotions that help to bridge the gap between merchants and customers while offering the best deals directly to FlashCash users.

The best mobile wallet solution for Malaysia residents to make quick, easy and secure cashless payments.

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